Our services

We plan and organize the project documentation

From its concept (IDZ) and Preliminary Design (IDP), with which building conditions are fulfilled, and the most appropriate variety or method of implementation is selected for the project for acquiring the building permit (PGD), for the execution of the project (PZI), and for the project of works executed (PID), with the aim to obtain an operating permit.

We deal with engineering services

We prepare bids and contracts for the contractors chosen by the investor, organize the site, manage and coordinate subcontractors, organize meetings with the supervision, obtain and prepare documentation for handing over the executed works to the client and take care of any problems within the warranty period.

We advise and obtain permits and approvals

From starting a project to its execution. That means that firstly the overall conditions of the building or land in the land register are checked. Then we prepare an application for the connection to the infrastructure, all the project conditions and approvals for the project, an application for the building permit, including the organization of a technical review of the evidence of reliability (a Treatise which contains all the documentation required in the technical inspection), and finally the entry of the building into the land register.

We also manage investor engineering services

We prepare contracts with the contractors selected by the client, review and prepare agreements for monthly situations, and perform all other activities associated with the client’s contractors.